Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cracking rubber soles on my Beckman 9013

Sad to say, I saw another crack on my beloved 9013. Seems like the day that it will fall apart is not too far from now. Sigh.

Just like any other things in the world, things fade, things fail, things fall apart. Nothing lasts forever.


  1. time to send it for resole?

  2. Thats what I thought so too. But I vaguely remembered the SA told me this when I purchase the 9013 back them " In future if you need to resole, you may have to send it back to the USA as only they (the Red Wing company) can resole the Beckman shoes. I am going to enquire a local cobbler that many local RW wearers swear by. I'm sure they do crepe soles resole, not sure about this type of resole though. Will keep you guys updated on the outcome. :)

  3. Oh really? I thought Shukey was the authorised partner for all rw repair services. Do keep us updated of the outcome.


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