Monday, July 4, 2011

New insoles for my Red Wing GT

Those who had been following my blog will remember that I bought 2 pairs of TACCO insoles earlier. 1 is for the RW and the other is for the DBs.

Sad to say, even the TACCO insole was too small for my RW GT. I bought the largest size they have in store and its still smaller than my boot. (I wear a size 10 for RW)

Besides that, the arch support for the TACCO insoles are protruding sidewards and pushing onto the boot. Although its not much of a concern now, I'm worried that prolong protruding on the leather will cause a permanent mark on the boot which I wouldn't want.

Here, an insole I have to retire it early. It was very comfortable and very good looking (who the F looks and admire insoles!?)

Hence, I bought a replacement sole for my GTs. They are OK in terms of comfy without insoles. But I do walk and stand quite a fair bit and I want some shock absorption and comfort. I bought the authentic Red Wing RedBed insoles.

Really hope they will fit just nice for my GTs. Can't wait to try them out tomorrow!


  1. Hi! How do you remove the original leather insole? I have a 875 and wanted to change the insole but its welted into the shoe :)

  2. Hey there! Nah, I didn’t remove the original insole. For the 9013, I just place the insole on top of the original one. Cos my 9013 is half size bigger than my true size, so I can afford to place another insole without feeling too cramp.

    Didn’t use any extra insole for my 875 though. I just wear it as it is. :)

  3. Ahhhh.... i size down 1/2... tried placing another insole on top but its too cramped... :(

  4. I see. The insole (red wing insoles) im using will definitely be too thick for your case. perhaps you can try those thin insoles available at pharmacies those kind?


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