Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY Project : Wallet

Finally got my hands on the tools required for leather crafting and the first project that I embarked on, a wallet.

It was an ambitious one for a beginner like me as I have absolutely NO IDEA on how to go about doing it. All I can do is to reverse engineer it from my existing wallet and pray it won't come out looking like crap.

Lots of trial and errors during the process

Using the leather remnants. It's a waste to let these precious leather go to rubbish bin.

After 4 hours of work, finally something that vaguely looks like a wallet came about:

Nope. I'm not an Indonesian.. Just using some notes from my Bintan Tour earlier to cover up the bad-looking stitching.

The leather was difficult to work on because it was very thin and soft. There are portions where 5 layers of leather were overlapping and it was yet fairly easy to sew. This shows how soft it was. Not an ideal leather to work on for small leather goods.

All in all, it was an interesting experience and thrilled to be able to get my hands on the tools.


  1. Hi, nice blog! Do you live in HK? I want to buy some desert boots and have no idea where to go?

    But I have the feeling you're in SG. Anyway, that wallet looks nice, especially for your first try. I'm impressed.

  2. Hi Eva! Thanks for the comment. I don't stay in HK and you are right, I'm in SG. :) For desert boots, I've been to HK and shops at Fa Yuen Street do sell Clarks DB. But they are a lot more expensive than I thought. Bought mine from Amazon at less than SGD$100 including shipping. Partly it was due to Black Friday sale that time, so usual price I will say about $120-150. Those that I saw in HK was about SGD$200.

    Thank you for the kind words on my wallet. I'm more motivated to try out other items now! Stay tuned!


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