Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Coin Pouch from OGL

The Obbi Good Label (OGL) finally open their store here in Arab Street, Singapore.

I am very interested in their leathercraft lesson and so, they arranged a time and invited us or simply anyone who just want to say "hi" to drop by their shop on the opening day.

I managed to rush there after work and see how they do the stitching and burnishing on the spot. It was very interesting and informative (my girlfriend may think otherwise).

After the short demonstration of the leathercrafting, we were allowed to do a simple coin pouch that they prepared for us beforehand.

I'm not good with my hands but this simple coin pouch was quite easy to start with. Although still need their guidance along the way, most of it is pretty much done by yours truly.

Here's how it looks like:

Upon reaching home, I used the Obenauf's LP for it and also the leather oil in attempt to darken it.

This is before the application:


It may look like its dirty. This pic was taken minutes after the application. The first few seconds gives an even darker tone. The tone then slowly even out over the next few minutes.

Will be updating on its evolution in time to come!

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