Thursday, September 5, 2013

National Publicity

This will be, I guess, my first post on a non-leather related object.

Just acquired a laptop for work recently. A Dell XPS 12. Needed a Windows OS machine for various reasons. My home preferred machine still a MacBook Pro. :) Yeah, call me an Apple Fanboy. I just prefer OSX.

So I went to search for a proper bag that I can carry my laptop to work in style. I remembered seeing a bag called "National Publicity". And VOILA! Saw the one design that caught my attention in the first place.


And so I patiently waited for the shipping. Surprisingly, its quite fast! From the day I ordered to the day I got it, its about 4 working days. Not bad considering its from S.Korea to Singapore!

Today the postman came with this.

From the all-familiar GANGNAM! 


Some stickers that came with it, I just love it!

Inside the bag:

may god bless you

Initial impression: Feels very sturdy and nicely padded. Just nice for my laptop. Could be enough space for my Kor and Nalgene water bottles too. Can't wait to use it tomorrow morning! 


  1. Hi Bro how did you manage to buy this bag? The whole website is in Korean,

    1. Hi Jansen! I communicated via email with them. They are extremely helpful. Just let them know the item you wish to purchase and they will let you know the shipping charges etc. Their email:

      Have fun shopping!

    2. Hi Bro- thank you! I just did and this bag is on sale yoohooo!


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