Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cleaning + Oiling + Evolution of Red Wing Gentleman Traveler 9013 (Beckman) Chestnut

thats quite a mouthful for a title. Anyway, its been sometime since I showed pics of my RW Beckman 9013. And its way too dirty after so many months of wearing without any proper cleaning.

Again on a sunny Sunday morning, I used the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner to do some cleaning first.

Dirty boots with stubborn black stains

As you can see, the transition from a dirty pair of boots to a not-so dirty pair of boots. (common, its a boots, not a dress shoe! :p)

As you can see, the tough stains got a lot lighter! I'm really glad its able to be removed using the leather cleaner. I wasn't really expecting a miracle but this is pretty good result as well!

Getting the Obenauf's LP ready. Put the boots and the LP under the sun to warm them up a little. Oh, and do remember to wait for the leather cleaner to dry up first before applying the LP. :)

Damn! I just love the Beckman Chestnut color. 

Let 'em soaked up the LP under the warm sun.

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