Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leather Belt from Piccadilly Market, London

Hey everyone! Finally I am back from Europe! Well actually I was back for quite a while, just haven't got the time to sit down and blog about it. I had lots of fun in Europe, although the freezing weather can be quite bad at times. So bad that I missed Singapore's hot sun! But now, I missed the weather there cos its 34 degrees celsius in Singapore. It was about 0 or 1 degrees celsius when I was in Europe.

I went to Paris, Rome, Florence and London. Florence had a leather school which I had went to take a look, will blog about them in my next upcoming posts.

Here I am going to blog about this belt I got for my dad. He has a big belly and several shops we went to in Florence and London don't quite have the size I am looking for. His waist size is slightly larger than 42". So upon walking around in Piccadilly, London. I chanced upon this Piccadilly Market in St James Church.

Very friendly guy with great handicraft skills. Actually I had to admit, I don't mind one of the belts he made there but I prefer to see him showing his skills, so I asked him to custom make one for me.

His range of leathers.

Working on a black color belt that I requested.

Applying oil to burnish the edges.

Nice collection of belts he got there!

The prices..

Using a buffing machine, he buffed the edges and ..

..using another leather to wipe it again, creating friction to seal the raw edges

Doing the rivets.

Another wiping.

Cutting a smaller piece of leather to do the keeper.

Close to completion..

Putting on the rivets!

And its DONE!

Very good quality leather belt done in minutes. Simply loving it! Think I will shorten it and keep for myself instead cos I got another belt for my dad, a Massimo Dutti one nonetheless. Since he said that Massimo Dutti belt can fit him just nice, I think he wouldn't mind sparing me another belt. ;)

Thanks to Idris De Angeli for the amazing belt! 

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on more Europe leather findings!

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