Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Timberland Earthkeepers City Premium Chelsea Boot

Here it is, finally, the pictures that you been waiting for.

RP: S$299. But I bought it at 20% discount

It does looks like the army boots from this angle

Earthkeepers; heard many good reviews but let's just see how it goes

Made in China

Soft leather

 I took a plunge in getting a black boots for the first time. Well, not really my first black boots. Got 2 pairs before this. But they are standard issue army boots which I wouldn't even touch it when I am not required to wear it. Don't get me wrong, the army boots are very comfortable after breaking in. But why would I wear them when I am suppose to be a civilian?

Having said that, this pair of Earthkeepers do look like the army boots from some angle, except this has a more obvious sole stitch which makes it different.

First impression:
  • Leather feels soft (very much softer than my Red Wing / Clarks)
  • Overall built feels lower quality than Red Wing
  • Lightweight
Also, if you are wondering what's the purpose of the stretchable fabric part; it is actually for slipping in and out of the boots, without undoing the lace! Perfect for lazy people like me. Especially when I have to take in and out of my boots several times a day due to work reasons. Some websites show picture of this boots without the lace, it can be worn that way too since the laces are for no practical reasons other than aesthetics reason. But it looks kinda odd for a pair of boots without laces so just leave it on for the sake of having it on.

This is the tab that you can pull up the boots. 

Let's just wait and see how this pair of boots gets roughed up by me! Stay tuned!


  1. Hi, I have seen you have been using Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP and Leather Oil for your leather product. What is the difference between these 2?

  2. Hi, do you know if the leather insole (the place where the bottom of your feet comes in contact with when you wear the boots) can be replaced? If yes do you know of any places that can do it? Thanks heaps!

  3. To 1st comment: Sorry for the late reply! Well I did ask the Obenauf's guys as well. What they told me was LP is the oil suspended in the wax, which gradually release the oil over time, when flexed or met with heat. Oil is the wax suspended in the oil itself? Well personally I see it as which is more convenient. Like if I need to apply a large surface area, I will prefer the Oil over LP. if its boots and stuff, I will prefer the LP over oil. :)

    To 2nd comment: Depending on what boots you wearing. For me RW, the insole (leather) are fixed and cant be removed. Which is why I recommend getting a thin insole to use. At least you still can change it when it gets dirty and stinky. The timberland one I just got recently comes with removable insoles though.


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