Friday, January 20, 2012

Red Wing 875

Here it is, the latest addition to the family. The Red Wing 875. All time classic.

If the 877 is the iconic Red Wing boot, the 875 is a close second. Almost identical in look, it was built to address the work customer that preferred a shorter boot. The 6” style is purpose-built with premium Red Wing Oro-iginal leather, Goodyear welt construction, a white Traction Tred sole and triple stitched quality.

My favorite leather color is brown and this 875 leather simply won my heart. The Oro-iginal Leather looks like the veg-tan leather had a good tan. 

Decided to apply some Obenauf's LP on it prior to first wear. 

I do emphasize more detail application on the leather joint area as I see it as the most vulnerable part where rain and dirt will get stuck there.

And a family shot of my Red Wing shoes. :)

As you can see from the last picture, after application of Obenauf LP and leaving it to dry, the color remains the same as before application! 


  1. Did the Obenauf's LP change the original color alot? I have the same Oro-iginal tan leather and want to keep the color that way. I heard that Obenauf tends to darken light colors alot.

  2. Personally I find the LP didn't darken the leather. As I have compared both before and after, no darkening. But as with all kinds of leather, they will darken over time due to use and expose to sun, rain and dirt. So as your boots aged, they will get darken.

  3. Hi - what color are the oro-iginals? Red? Irish setter? Carnelian? I am trying to find ones like these..

  4. Hi! So sorry for the late reply~

    Well, how should I put it, the colour is what you see on the picture here. Orangey Brown? Sorry I'm not sure how to go about saying the color. My apologies.

  5. Hello, Great site! I am wondering how much toe room do you have in these boots length wise?

  6. Great site & great info you provided. Just bought new 875. Going to apply obenauf LP.


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