Monday, October 3, 2011

Leather Passport Holder from Labrador

Hello everyone, finally got the time to breathe and do some blogging after a short breather at work.

Well for today, I've decided to do some writing and photo-taking on my passport holder. I actually bought this several months back but it sort of slipped off my mind that I had this leather goods despite I'm always holding on to it when I'm traveling.

It's a leather cover from the Labrador Factory. They are leather-makers from Thailand.

Here are some pictures of it:

What I like about this cover, and I believe all passport covers should have, is this additional slot to either hold a card or some tickets that you don't want to put them in your pocket yet.

I like the supple color that is slowly gaining character. It came smooth, but after I went on several trips with this together with my keys and such, the pockmarks are clearly seen there. Not that its ugly though, I just love it!

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