Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY Project: External Harddisk Case

Recently, I bought a MacBook Pro to replace my dying desktop and also wanted to give it a shot at the widely acclaimed Mac OSX. It is really excellent and not difficult to get used to, coming from a PC user for the past few decades. The thing I like about Max OSX is the Time Machine. It keeps track of your activities and data changes so that in the event you wanted to "go back in time" to either retrieve some accidentally deleted data or, just for the fun of it, you can just go to the Time Machine and "travel back in time!"

Hang on a sec, I'm not doing a tech blog, I'm doing a leather blog! Well for this project, I decided to make a case (not a drop-proof, shock-proof case) to house my newly acquired Western Digital Elements 1TB External Hard disk. It comes in a default black color so I though why not do a white leather case for it.

And here goes, the final outcome:

Lots of practice to go!

Till then~

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