Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leather Bracelet from ETSY - Update

Just 2+months ago, I bought this bracelet from ETSY and wore it almost everyday for work and play. They are very easy to wear, thanks to its magnetic clasp design. However, it broke off one fine day.

Although it will be fairly easy to fix, I decided to retire it and source for the next bracelet. I am those bracelet guys and recently without this bracelet to wear, my right wrist feels "naked". I do still have the H&M bracelets but its rather difficult to match them with my clothes as they are the double (or triple) wrapped design.

Anyway, here's the pictures of my retired bracelet from etsy. So long.

As for the next bracelet, it will also be from etsy. I had ordered it last week and really hoping to receive it by this week, from Spain to Singapore. Do stay tuned!

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